All you need to know about Ray Steels Leather Aprons:

Can’t help spilling things over your clothes?


You need to start thinking of getting yourself an apron.


An apron shields your clothes from all the stains you are likely to imprint on your clothes while working.


As it is stereotypically thought of to be used only in the kitchen, it is not really so. Leather aprons were omnipresent in the middle Ages & were used by tradesmen, welders, painters & generally any man trying to protect their attire. This is still prevalent to this day. 

Keeping this in mind here’s all you need to know about our leather aprons:

Our aprons have pockets are very functional & make your work easy if you have a lot of tools to work with. This comes in handy for welders, tradesmen, painters, etc. If you work in a garage these aprons are a bliss. But excessive weight might end up pulling the neck of your apron down which might get uncomfortable. So use them wisely.

Another solution to your problem of carrying heavy weight tools is our ‘gun holster style’ or ‘cross-over back’ straps. This style of strapping makes sure you don’t feel the burden on your neck plus, they look pretty fashionable too. So, it’s a win-win for you! 

Ray Steels leather aprons also have a waist strap which you can either wear loose or tight depending on what you are doing!