5 reasons why using an apron is important for you and your business:

If you run a business there is nothing worse than proving your staff a uniform and then having them quit after a short time and then having to purchase more items! With a Ray Steels Apron you are able to provide an option for your staff to wear and choose their own style of clothing and then pop on an aprons to link everyone together!

We have the ability to brand your aprons.. Whether they be leather or canvas.. we can make sure you stand out from the rest.

Arrogantly but simply.. our aprons are classy. If you want your business to stand out from the rest, nothing looks better than to greet your guests in a beautiful leather apron.

Our aprons don’t just look good… they also provide a practical use. They keep your clothes clean. Whether you work as barber, bartender or artist… your Ray Steels Leather apron will help protect your clothes from getting dirty!

Quality over quantity… our aprons my cost more than others on the market.. but unfortunately for us once you have a Ray Steels Apron the only reason you’ll have to buy another one is to match a different outfit or buy one as a gift.