10 things you’ll love about Ray Steels Aprons

Thinking about purchasing a Ray Steels Leather Apron?


We know that choosing the perfect aprons for your business can be tricky… these are the top reasons why you’ll love your Ray Steels..


  • We create our aprons strapping with ergonomic back support so the aprons sits over your shoulders and not hanging around your neck.
  • Ray Steels aprons come in a range of colours such as black, brown, light brown, navy, pink, red and green.
  • The lining. Always done in small runs… we line our aprons with all sorts of weird and wonderful lining, so they look great on or off.
  • Leather is a super durable and top quality product which is why all the best shoes and bags are made of leather.
  • Adjustable straps.. all the straps on our aprons are fully adjustable so they fit almost every body!
  • We can make small or large custom runs… just get in touch and we’ll help you out!
  • Not into leather? We make a ‘vegan leather’ apron which has the same look and design as our leather aprons but made with a vegan friendly product.
  • Another option.. we also stock canvas and denim aprons. Our canvas comes in black, navy, green, orange, yellow and maroon.
  • We are stock our aprons in the Ash and Oak Barbershop in Belgrave, Victoria so if you can make it in store.. come get a sharp cut and try on your next Ray Steels.
  • These are a rare commodity.. if you buy a Ray Steels Leather Apron.. it is likely that you are buying 1 of 1.. we choose our fabric lining in small batches so we always make small runs of each style. There is nothing worse than walking down the street and seeing someone wearing the same jumper as you!