Why a leather apron is perfect for barbers and hairdressers:

Black is the most popular choice when it comes to a stylist’s apron. It’s not hard to see why it’s simple yet stylish and goes with basically everything. It also looks smart and professional and paired with the branding of your salon will make a really impressive, non-restrictive uniform for your stylists. Ray Steels aprons in black and brown... but who's to say that purple or red wont do the trick? 

Several tools are required for hairdressing, from scissors, clips and comb to colouring brushes and storage is necessary for this. A hairdressing apron with multiple tool loops and pockets for tools is perfect for keeping them handy and close by.

And lastly.. if you work with hair already you know what I am about to say.. the HAIR! It gets everywhere and the best way to reduce the spread of hair is with a leather apron. Unlike other materials the hair will not stick the leather and can easy be brushed off or wiped down when required.

Leather always deals really well when doing shaves or washing hair all day!!