Bar tender or barista? This is why you need a Ray Steels Leather Apron:

Bartending is one of the oldest (and arguably most respected) professions. It’s history dates back to Ancient Roman, Greek and Asian societies. There is recorded evidence from the time of Julius Caesar’s reign and from even earlier in Ancient Greece of public drinking houses where people went to socialise, be entertained and served drinks poured by craftsmen.

By the Middle Ages, bartending had grown into a full-time profession, mainly occupied by alehouse owners and female innkeepers who brewed their own drinks such as wine and mead. This considered them part of the social elite as they could afford to own property with the money they earned from selling these drinks.

In the 1920s, prohibition only grew the desire to seek out a place to drink, dance and socialise. Bartenders were given an aura of mystery and power, often friendly with (and paid well by) the gangsters who owned these bars and clubs. Many of today’s most famous and popular cocktails such as the Long Island Iced Tea and the Gin & Tonic came from this era. Not only this but prohibition themed bars and restaurants are an ever-growing trend.

Most bartenders wear aprons in order to protect their clothing from splashes that occur when mixing drinks. There are many bars now that offer exciting and experimental drinks that involve flames, dry ice and edible glitters and dyes in order to impress and create a memorable night for the customer. So, the need for a bartender to protect their clothing is only rising.

With this rise in the need for protective and stylish clothing for the bartending community, comes a rise in demand for custom aprons. Not only is a leather apron stylish on its own but adding a company logo enhances the branding and makes the overall appearance of a hip bar even trendier.

Another expansion of the bartending profession is the barista. ‘Barista’ comes from the Italian for ‘Bartending’. A leather apron is also a good piece of uniform for a barista to own. It isn’t fun to spill hot tea or coffee down yourself without an apron on. A leather apron provides a good layer of protection against this and makes it easier just to brush off and start again when an accident occurs.